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I never laugh so hard!!

hey man I love your cartoons. The jokes were really funny and I really enjoy watching it. The ending I wasn't expecting it... but you know it's new grounds after all.


To be honest that was pretty good because it showed real life stuff like the corruption the media and almost all the dark things in this world. but pretty fucked up and scary at the same time. especially the cat and the beginning of the hospital scene. The cat was more like a demon thing. anyway I'll give you a 5 since I never see these type of flashes everyday.

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pretty wasome

dude everything was hilarious but I think it would of been funnier if you of add the 4 BBs but the rest is totally AWSOME

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To be honest I didn't think the game wasn't that bad. I thought the idea was pretty good and I liked how some things you get reacts the plane, I also liked how the wheels bounce the plane so I can get the chance to get some P.o.D. I didn't understand why some of the reviews say to have better controls since this is clearly a dynamics game. You control it so it doesn't go down. I also like play game, get money, and get gadgets, it makes it interesting. I actually played your game for about an hour. So your chances are pretty good.

But anyway, the bad things that I see that are wrong with the game is that it kind of lacks appeal, art wise, well there were some sprites that kind of didn't match with the background like the 3D mario like coins and jewels. The animals have no animation I would definitely would animate them, and I honestly didn't like the realistic grass, a drawing of grass would of been better and again something that would match the art of the game. Also the trees need clean up, but yeah I understand that is a Demo and probably those flaws are going to be changed.

Some Ideas I would suggest I mean give some animation to the plane, maybe a better art style to the plane or the game in general. Like lets say the plane has some kick ass fire jets when it hits the dash arrows, and makes a squash stretch animation and give the effect that is going fast but not to scale it down when is going fast. It is just not believable to me. You can also animate some of the sprites like I said before the cows and and bulls look kind of lifeless. Animate some icon sprites to like the bird, P.o.D button, etc. But honestly I didn't understand the saturn icon thing? what does it do exactly? like a space gravity? and the Keys? are they for something later at the end of the game? maybe a small tutorial slides might of explain that... also, starting the gameplay, I would love to see a canon, or a rubber plant, or something that will give that plane the take off, and take out the P.o.D button at the moment before take off then make the P.o.D appear or better yet clicking anywhere around the screen would make the wind effect, if I didn't read your comment I would of used it to start the game honest. And for the language, why not have an option that will change the language of the game instead of having different versions of the game.

Over all, I think the game is not bad at all I liked the system, I liked the game play, you just need to fix the art, take in consideration for my ideas maybe yes maybe no. It's your game, be creative and make it awesome.

delgad3do responds:

Thank you for your words for sure i take a look at your sugestions.
If you pick up saturn your plane has no gravity

PS now i work on mechanics game art i can always change so this i do last
Sorry for my funny english
thanks for your time! :)

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excellent! Just purify 400% excellent! I really enjoy this piece very much. I really wish music of today can appreciate General rock like this!

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